Community Spotlight: PleasrDAO

Utopia Labs
April 11, 2022

For a DAO catalyzed by an artist who goes by pplpleasr; the Pleasr community is anything but a pack of people pleasers. Whether it’s their principled acquisitions or vocal community, anyone familiar with the group knows the Pleasr community is made up of mavericks who embody the power of collective action and have developed new ways in which crypto can be used as a medium for impact. They are a collective of defi leaders, early NFT collectors and digital artists with a reputation for acquiring pieces at the intersection of culture and charitable activism.

The inception of Pleasr DAO came from the Uniswap Genesis NFT created by pplpleasr, and a tweet calling for the formation of a DAO to acquire that NFT. The ​​piece “x * y = k” represented a historic, cultural, and economic moment; It is the first automated market equation used by Uniswap. The community came together, aligned under pplpleasr’s vow to donate the proceeds to Asian and Pacific-islander focused charities, and solidified under their mission “to collect, curate and commission art with a cause”.

Figure 1. Uniswap's unicorn reaches the promised Ethereum land. ( "x*y=k" Video by pplpleasr

The genesis auction was just the beginning, the Pleasr team quickly amassed a wealth of accomplishments; one being liberating the legendary “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” Wu Tang Clan album from the estate of disgraced financier Martin Shrekli. Like a decentralized Robinhood and band of merry outlaws, the Pleasr community returned a legendary piece of protest music back to the public through promised listening parties and exhibitions.

Figure 2. Jamis Johnson with the outer case for ‘Once Upon a Time in Shaolin’ (Photo by Griffin Lotz for The Rolling Stone).

Pleaser is also well known for the acquisition of the iconic nft piece known as “Stay Free” by Edward Snowden which contains a historic document about the court decision, of which Snowden was a whistleblower. The proceeds of Pleasr’s acquisition went to the Freedom of the Press Foundation, which is a non-profit organization created to empower journalists and promote transparency and decentralization.

Figure 3. Edward Snowden’s “Stay Free” non-fungible token (NFT) collectible pictured on the left.

While nuanced in their approach, Pleasr never shies away from championing ownership, sovereignty, and freedom; this is evidenced by their collection and the fractionalization efforts they pioneer. They are on the cutting edge of curating and sharing the most culturally significant moments of our time through mediums across the physical and digital worlds. Through its charitable work, Pleasr also finds ways to practice the values those cultural moments represent.

In the midst of reimagining the realms of art, culture, and collective impact; the last thing organizations like PleasrDAO should be concerned with is payroll and accounting for their treasury. Utopia is the proud payment provider of PleasrDAO.

How we support:

Like all DAOs, Pleasr has a core team of contributors that work to further its mission. At first, compensating this team meant spending hours juggling CSV files and keeping track of different payouts and reimbursements.

Utopia has made it extremely easy for Pleasr to manage and conduct their payments in only a few clicks.

After creating recurring payments on Utopia, all Pleasr does is make 2 clicks every 2 weeks. These two clicks create a transaction through their Gnosis SAFE paying the team’s recurring compensation.

Once the transaction is created, Pleasr multi-sig holders sign and execute the payment on Utopia without any gas! Our signing page lets multi-sig holders get a clearer picture of their Gnosis transactions and avoid paying gas individually.

And just like that, all Pleasr contributors are happily compensated.

On top of recurring payments, Pleasr also conducts many one-time payments to reimburse people for their expenses or work.

To avoid back-and-forth messages, a Utopia payment request link is shared with the Pleasr community. Individuals expecting payment can submit how much they should be paid along with information on the context of the payment.

After receiving and approving these requests, Pleasr can pay also them out in 2 clicks! After people receive their funds, Pleasr can track and download their payment history - giving them a detailed breakdown of the DAO’s expenses.

In April, Utopia will have a bookkeeping feature that will allow Pleasr to categorize and get analytics on all their DAO’s transactions.

At Utopia we’re building a platform that can abstract away the disjointed process of payments and accounting; So DAOs like Pleasr focus more on what they do best (building web3’s premier art institution) and less on operational overhead.

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Learn more about Utopia at and our friends at PleasrDAO at

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