Introducing Off Ramps

Victoria KIm
June 6, 2023

Welcome to a wider Utopia

Utopia has consistently prioritized streamlining payments and optimizing workflows for crypto organizations. However, our vision extends further as we recognize the potential of our tools to address the challenges faced by individual EOA wallet users in the broader market.

We believe in enabling more people in the crypto space to seamlessly integrate with traditional payment systems, bringing the value of blockchain technology into their everyday work and life. At the intersection of crypto, fiat, and fintech, we will continue to innovate and create new possibilities.

Our first foray in this vision is our off-ramping solution, bridging the gap between crypto and traditional payment rails.

How are we developing our off-ramping feature?

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Bridge, a pioneering company in the field of stablecoin orchestration and issuance. This collaboration empowers Utopia to provide seamless onboarding for new users and effortless off-ramping of stablecoin assets from their wallets to their preferred bank accounts.

Why use Utopia’s off-ramping tool?

Utopia's individual off-ramps offer several key benefits for existing Utopia contributors and EOA wallet users:

  1. Easy and Convenient: Utopia makes off-ramping your crypto assets simpler than ever with its user-friendly interface and collaboration with Bridge. The whole process- from completing the KYC process to getting USD in your bank - happens super quickly and seamlessly.
  2. Low Cost: For a limited time we are offering no fees for off-ramping!
  3. Reliable KYC Process: We ensure a highly reliable and efficient KYC process, providing users with a secure and compliant off-ramping experience and robust measures to protect their assets and personal information.
  4. All-in-One Platform: Utopia's individual off-ramps are just the beginning. We aim to become a comprehensive hub for crypto contractors, offering a centralized location for tracking finances, facilitating compliant work, and providing additional features to enhance your crypto experience.

More info:

As we work diligently on developing the off-ramp feature, we would like to provide you with a brief update on our progress and key considerations prior to our launch:

  1. US Bank Accounts Only: Initially, the off-ramp tool (V1) will cater exclusively to users with US bank accounts, with plans for global expansion in the future.
  2. Limited to USDC on Ethereum mainnet: The off-ramp feature will initially support USDC token on Ethereum mainnet - with integration plans for other blockchain platforms such as Polygon and Avax coming soon!
  3. Transaction Limits: Currently, transactions are limited to a maximum of $10,000, but users can increase their limit to $100,000  after completing additional KYC.
  4. Single Bank Account Wallet: Users can currently link one bank account wallet to their Utopia account, streamlining the off-ramp experience.
  5. Future Support for SAFE: We are actively working on bringing the off-ramp feature to  our SAFE user to provide enhanced convenience and flexibility for managing crypto assets.

We aim to facilitate easy conversion and transfer of digital assets, empowering users to access their funds whenever they need to. Your input is invaluable in shaping our roadmap and driving our progress. If you're interested in sharing your insights and collaborating with us, please reach out. Join us as we build a wider Utopia, where on-chain value becomes an integral part of everyday life.

Is your business looking to make fiat payments with crypto? We’re working on that too! Sign up here for beta access.

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