Why Global Coin Research selected Utopia to manage their expenses and part time contributors.

Utopia Labs
January 18, 2022

About Global Coin Research

GCR is a research and investment DAO focused on Web3. They were most recently featured on Coindesk here: https://www.coindesk.com/business/2022/01/06/will-daos-replace-crypto-venture-capital/

Products Used

  • Payment Requests


Global Coin Research previously didn’t have a central repository for expenses - contributors were emailing their receipts to a general email account.

GCR also tried to use Expensify - both alternatives turned out to be un-friendly to crypto transactions and Web3 organizations.

Additionally, GCR didn’t know how to manage part time members, and there wasn’t really a good approach to tracking their contributions and compensation mechanisms.


GCR uses the payment requests features on a weekly basis to manage their expenses and part time contributors - reducing several friction points and logistic setup costs for GCR.

Try out our payment requests feature 👉 Utopia

For all payments, Utopia has made it so so easy! You just share a shareable link with contributors and anyone can onboard themselves. None of our contributors has had issues thus far.
Additionally, the team support has been one of the best. This is especially when we are early in the DAO tooling space and need alot of handholding and guidance on new crypto-native products. It’s rewarding to think that we are collaborating together to build the best tools in Web3. Joyce Yang, GCR


Because Utopias infrastructure serves as the connective layer across GCR’s payment operations, GCR reduces several overhead costs associated with expense + part time contributor payment management.

With this partnership, GCR joins several DAO's using Utopia today to scale and adapt their contributor payments, accounting, and reporting. Utopia now counts several DAO's in their respective verticals (NFT's, Investing, Media, DeFi) as prospective design partners + clients.

We’re super excited to be collaborating with Utopia in building the best tools in the space.
Don’t hesitate to ask us about our experience, and learn more about us at gcr.community. Joyce Yang, GCR

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